Enhanced Sanitation Practices & Social Distancing Guidelines

For the safety of our dancers and staff, The Dance Lab will be thoroughly cleaned multiple times per week. The following protocol is in addition to our existing standard cleaning procedures. Additionally, we will be placing signage through the studio to remind everyone of best hygiene practices.

Cleaning/Sanitizing of Studio:

  • We have purchased and put in place 4 air purifiers which are located throughout the whole studio space.
    • We also have MERV 13 air filters in place.
  • We will be spot cleaning as needed, which includes, but is not limited to the entrances/doorways, any handheld props and restrooms.

These procedures and additions will address both airborne pathogens as well as those dwelling on surfaces.

Hand Sanitizer Upon Entry:

Upon entry to the lobby AND the studios, we will provide and require hand sanitizer on each dancer’s hands. Dancers are allowed to use their own hand sanitizer if they prefer.


Masks are optional at this time. Please note, this policy is subject to change.

No Food or Drink Will Be Permitted in The Dance Lab Aside From a Water Bottle:

Our water fountain will NOT be available for use until further notice. Dancers should bring their own LABELED water bottle from home. NO food will be permitted.

Limited Items in the Studio:

We are asking all dancers to limit the items they bring with them into the studio. Appropriate dance shoes and a water bottle are really the only necessities while inside the studio. Dancers should come to the studio already dressed to dance.

Before You Come to the Studio:

  • You must take your child’s temperature before coming to the studio. If their temperature is 100.3 or higher, your child will not be able to participate and should be monitored for additional COVID symptoms (see below).
  • By coming to the studio, you are confirming you/your dancer(s) are not showing any signs or symptoms of COVID including, but not limited to, sore throat, cough, chills, body aches, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste.

Student Drop Off/Waiting Room Procedures:

  • When you arrive at the studio you may wait outside or in your car.

  • When it is time for the dancer’s class, the teacher/assistant will come to notify those students and have them enter the building at that time. I realize the following procedures are not going to be ideal for some students, but the health and safety of the dancers and the TDL staff are my main priority at this point in time, so I appreciate your understanding.
  • As of now, only registered dancers will be allowed in the building for classes (with the exception of our weekday, daytime classes and Saturday Dance & Play). Please note, this is subject to change.

Please note, these procedures are ever-evolving and may change at any time, without notice. Thank you!