This article was originally posted in the Saratoga Business Journal:

Mary Beth Besler began dancing at the age of four. From the moment her toes touched a dance floor until now, she has worked to turn her passion into a career.

As the owner of the Dance Lab in Saratoga Springs, Besler is in her element, being able to teach and share what she loves.

The Dance Lab, located at 68 West Ave., is a place that Besler says is unique from other dance studios in and around the Spa City. Besler said they not only offer classes for children, but adults too.

“The theme of the studio is for everyone to have fun and feel good about themselves. There is a quote by an anonymous author that says ‘You do not stop dancing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop dancing.’ I want kids to learn about the positive benefits of dance, how great it can make you feel, and how it can be an outlet during frustrating times,” she said.

“I want adults to be able to find a place where they can check the stresses of life at the door to either learn what a feel-great exercise dance can be or experience a blast from their past if they used to dance as a child,” said Besler.

Besler brings years of valuable experience. It includes master classes under renowned dancers and choreographers such as Gus Giordano and Frank Hatchett. She has won numerous awards at national dance competitions and has even performed as a backup dancer in a Jessica Simpson concert.

Besler attended Siena College where she was a member of the Siena College dance team for four years and served as captain of the team for her junior and senior years. Her resume includes ballet study at Skidmore College, the Ultimate Dance Team in Albany, and working as an instructor for the past 13 years.

Besler said she chose the Saratoga location for her own studio for many reasons, one being that her husband, Steve, is a teacher at Saratoga High School. She said she and her husband both fell in love with the area.

“We knew we wanted to start our lives together in this incredible city. Ever since I took my very first dance class, I have dreamed of one day starting my own studio. So, combining my love for both dance and Saratoga seemed like a great idea,” said Besler.

Besler said she feels having a studio gives her the opportunity to get to know each student and work toward their goals and dreams.

“Should the business grow, I would certainly be open to expanding the studio but keeping it in Saratoga,” said Besler.

Besler also works as a CPA at a financial counseling firm, which helps her with the financial side of owning her own business.

“I’ve had a lot of experience in dance throughout my life, so I thought knowing the business side would be helpful for running a studio. It is nice because the two are so opposite that I believe it helps keep me well-rounded. Even while working as CPA, I have taught dance throughout the Capital Region at various studios. Each experience validated my desire to make my lifelong dream of opening a dance studio become a reality,” said Besler.

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